10 Nov 2008

Gun talk

Here is another case of duncey police can't get their obvious lies straight, and another young man killed senselessly.

Police said they responded to a call that a fight had erupted outside the club between two patrons.

When they got there, Francis, police said, was brandishing a gun and was firing shots at them.

...It was later discovered that he had a single gun shot wound in the back of his head.

...Police, she said, found the gun in his crotch but she dismissed this.

"He had on boxers only. If he was firing at the officers would not the gun be found in his hands or something? " she said.

So one minute he brandishing a gun (which my English means he was holding it in his hand and waving it around threateningly) and the next it was in his crotch after he was shot in the back of his head, execution style?

There is a scenario that explains that though. Maybe the youth had the gun strapped to his penis and was brandishing it that way?