30 Nov 2008

"You know who the bully is?"

"You know who you talking to?"

The proper answer to that question of course, is: "It doesn't matter!"

Or, alternatively, "A citizen of Trinidad and Tobago!".

What am I talking about about? The age old attitude of someone in power who invariably uses variations of "You know who I is?" In this case, the wrong and dishonourable Papa-tricks, who uses his bullying tactics on a duncey.

Now, as I point out many a time, I only comment on what I read in the newspapers, backed up by my own personal experience with Trinidadian lifestyle. So when I say I believe that both duncey and PM are at fault, one can understand that blame is to be apportioned, not merely assigned.

Considering that the fracas involved 2 dunceys initially, one allegedly breaking the law (erratic driving) then I can understand PC Auguste's point of view. I can also understand his ignorance and attitude when the other duncey called him an ass. However, 2 asses don't make a horse or even a right, and so Papa-tricks attempted to use his ministerial clout to force PC Auguste to back down. Seems it didn't work.

Now, if you read the article carefully, you will see the reported views of PC Auguste and Hazel Manning (also present) are not as 'crafted' as the views of the Prime Minister. Once again, the answer he gives seems at odds with his Christian claims (at least in my opinion). To say it more bluntly, I think he is lying through his teeth to embellish the story, f**k up PC Auguste and protect his escort. Of course, it is also to show who is in charge, who the BIG man is!

Even Hazel's view seems more supportive of PC Auguste.

By the way, I hope you all notice that Papa-tricks wake up Martin Joseph at 3.45 a.m. and Martin called Jimmy Swaggart 10 minutes later, proving that even if you close to the Prime Minister you still can't get a full night's rest. At least you doh have tuh worry that is bandit coming fuh yuh, just someone who f**king you up... right?

I suppose when yuh is a Prime Minister and yuh could barge in a radio station to get 2 people suspended by yuh padner, nothing wrong in waking up yuh next padners at 4 a,m. to rough up a man who doing he job instead of being in a bar or shack up by some woman house that time ah de morning. Doh look surprised, dey boldfaced enough to do it, even wearing uniform and using official police cars. Name me one Trini who ent see a marked police car outside a bar and a duncey in uniform inside and I will show you a blind man.

Getting back to the story though, I can foresee little PC Auguste being forced over and shafted up the nether hole. After all, yuh have 3 hard-back man like Jimmy, Joseph and Papa-tricks pushing on yuh. Grease yuh bam-bam boy, and grease it well.