7 Nov 2008

Lawsuits and dictators


Isn't that caption indicative of a dictator? I think so.

Today all three daily newspapers in Trinidad are filled with articles on Pa-trick's domineering attitude. He threatens to sue anyone who criticises him.

  1. Here
  2. Here
  3. Here

I find it ironical that a man who thumbs his nose so frequently at the rule of law, now finds it convenient to use the law to his own ends. Another tool of dictators, mind you.

I have one question. In his lawsuits to come, will he be footing the legal bills? Somehow, I think not. He will use state money to wipe out all criticism of his government and his policies.

In another sub-headline, Pa-trick is going to BMW in Germany to source 200 cars for the 2 big fetes to come next year. I am not a trusting fellah, and I have to ask why?

Then I remembered that Brian Manning and his little brother both studied in Germany, and indeed, I haven't heard little brother returning from Germany yet, so he must still be there.

And I remember some talk (and a couple of newspaper articles I can't track down at the moment - you all know I like to back up my talk with actual links) a while ago about the little David Manning being given a house as part of a deal for a state contract.

Now, I am not saying the Manning clan will benefit from this contract but me being the doubting Thomas that I am, I can't help but wonder what sort of inducements will be offered to the little Mannings. Because the papasan Pa-trick will have his hands (relatively) clean of course. But that is just me, that is the way my mind is bending this morning.

Of course, I could be sued for thinking out aloud.