26 Nov 2008

A long day

I had a rather long day today. I left home this morning at about 7 AM and got in about 8 PM. When I reached my workplace, I realised I forgot my glasses at home. How could I do that? Considering that I only take them off to clean them, shower or sleep, I ought to have had them on, right?

I can only put it down to old age catching up with me. (^_^)

Anyway, after working all day with everything out of focus, all I want to focus on is a hot cup of tea and a warm blanket since I came home to a cold house. I do forget sometimes that my times for coming home changes different days per week. Tomorrow it's a 9 to 9 day at Uni.

I'm not in a blogging mood but here I am keeping my readers updated. I'm not going into anything heavier than a few comments about my day though, which was good by the way, thanks for asking. I got to ditch the staff meeting this evening, and 'ride out' as we Trinis say. Of course this was at 4 PM so I mentioned I had 2.5 hours of time on my hands before a late evening appointment and that I was going to 'loaf around' town till then. Fellow staffers thought that was an odd phrase - I don't know, is it a Trini thing to 'loaf around'?

I did remember a funny story about a guy and a metal penis ring though; that had some of my work colleagues laughing. And my friend Rog asked, "What does Ferrero Roche and David Beckham have in common?"