29 Nov 2008

Mathematics and marketing

Aside from the normal crap you see in the news, there is nothing special I want to comment on. There is the situation still unresolved in Mumbai, Papa-tricks still dictatorial and tattoo still licking... what else is new?

Punks is writing SATs soon, and today I will be spending all day with her reviewing her maths techniques. I try to make maths interesting for Punks. If I am teaching her, we can do an entire paper by pretending we are in the supermarket. We cover time, money, addition, subtraction, multiplication etc just by having an imaginary shopping trip through the aisles. Or at a fun fair.

Learning is about being interesting. I've seen teachers so boring you have to super-glue your eyelids open to look as if you are attentive. I've also seen teachers so interesting that I couldn't wait to get to their class (my biology teacher was a hottie too!).


I just let the cat out; it's cold and foggy. The temperature is about 2° and I am sure today will be a horrible day to be outside. At the German Market (the official name is the Frankfurt Market) in City centre, the visiting Germans have set up stalls that sell everything from German sweets to hot wine. I've been told it helps in this weather.


Pretzels on sale.


Various sausages, cured meats and cheeses.



Candies fruit

Fruit covered in white or dark chocolate



Baubles on sale


Sweets on display

I'll try to get some more photos on my next visit. If my hands aren't too frozen to work the camera. I hope readers enjoy these pictures.