13 Nov 2008

Media dotishness

It's a bit amazing to see the feedback over Pa-trick's visit to the 94.1 FM radio station is still continuing. Mostly, the feedback is still coming in the form of letters to the editors of the major newspapers, and from people who may not live in Trinidad or indeed, even be Trinidadians (I use the word to include citizens of both countries as a matter of expediency).

Gratifying as it is to see that this issue is kept alive, that people are calling him to account, and mostly telling him he was indeed a cacahole to do what he did, it hardly surprises me that people just respond to the wrong issues.

I don't see this incident as issues with freedom of the press. I see this as an issue about the unprofessional oddities that passes for journalism these days. For far too long, the media has been getting away with substandard shite. It brought this upon its own head.

It was also unprofessional of the Prime Minister to use his office to intimidate two of the idiots also. A formal complaint would have sufficed, not the least because the owner of the station is a pal of his.

But I can't help wondering why in France (Trinidad?) we can't have the same bulldog tenacity over bigger issues?

  1. I sure would like to know why Monteil hasn't returned that $110M yet?
  2. And why Shermie is still presiding over cases when he ought to be retired, or at least be on pre-retirement leave?
  3. And why Pa-trick is bringing in a whole constitution under the noses of the population, but more importantly, the entire legal fraternity, without a single word of protest?
  4. And why go to BMW in Germany, and how much would little David Manning benefit?
  5. And why has that basketball league not yet been created and where is the $9M? For that matter, where is Brian Manning?
  6. Why are so many people including babies dying in the health system and there isn't even pause to provide a semblance of a reason/excuse from the powers that be?
  7. Why court dates are fixed around Machel Montano's performance dates so he can continue to travel and perform and whether the same courtesy is extended to everyone?
  8. Why we haven't yet hung anyone who is within the Pratt & Morgan ruling?
  9. Why 5 years on, the trial for kidnapping a baby is still going on, and witnesses are allowed to mingle not once, but four times to my count so far?
  10. Why drugs go missing in Princes Town duncey station?
  11. Why are so many people killed in police shootouts, the police are never hurt and oddly the victims have a single bullet hole in the back of the head?
  12. Whether Jerry Narace is our own Joker, with a fixed plastic smile?

This list is by no means exhausted. My memory is long, and I will be keeping these issues alive. At least, until I get a part share of the Monteil or Manning millions. (^_^)