5 Nov 2008

My statement on a statement

I'm (almost) speechless this morning. Commenting on Pa-trick's visit to a radio station, following which two media workers were suspended,

Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday in a statement issued yesterday also condemned Manning's alleged intervention at the radio station.

"Such behaviour by a Prime Minister is undemocratic, arrogant and dictatorial at best since it tramples on the freedom of the media to perform their functions relating to scrutinising Government's conduct and policies without fear," Panday said.

Wait nah, ent this is the same man who attempted to muzzle the press with a white paper, called them all sorts of vile names, said 'That's insulting' when he was questioned, and attempted to implicate Ken Gordon in a media mafia and as a pseudo-racist?

That is like the charcoal in the chulha calling de bun-up roti on the tawa black. Shit can only slide...