9 Nov 2008

Presidents and Prime Ministers

Being busy with other matters, I had missed Barack Obama's gracious acceptance speech after he won the American elections on November 4th. Here is his gracious, and articulate speech in full.

His articulation alone has me expecting more from him after the reign of Dubya Bush. I expect that Americans now can be proud of a President who can think, speak and act with intelligence.

Sad to say, Trinidad and Tobago still has a long, long way to go; seeing that our leader there behaves like a petty African chief ruling over a backward little country. Oh wait... that is true.

I noticed though that he says he visited the radio station because he felt the broadcast was 'unprofessional'. Yet, a few seconds later, he is heard to say that what happened at the station had nothing to do with him. Is this man completely stupid (I won't insult the jackass by sullying its name to describe him)? Sorry, to quote the Government pompek, he 'dotish'.
Pa-trick: Who was the one who was attacked? Was it any other citizen? It was the Prime Minister.
Now, to me that signifies that despite his claim to the contrary, he DID go to the radio station in the capacity of a Prime Minister (something that eluded the entire media corps, the legal fraternity (including Dana Seetahal) and all commentators).
Pa-trick: They said perhaps they might investigate the matter and get back to me. Get back to me for what? It has nothing to do with me.
Eh? I have one question then Pa-trick: If it has nothing to do with you, why the f**k did you go to the station?

I can't help thinking that Pa-trick either has dementia or schizophrenia. The latter would be my pick, seeing that he appears to be confused as to who he is: private citizen, Prime Minister or the country's biggest cacahole.

Anyway, let me not send my blood pressure up before I fart fire here. I am off to watch some NCIS, the series I am currently following.