14 Nov 2008

Publicity and life

Two things totally at odds with with other the way I see it.

Recently we had a baby, not yet even a year old, die because the Government failed to come up to scratch to help raise the funds necessary for a life saving operation.

Today I am seeing that this same Government has provided $480,000 for a beauty pageant. And the gyul ent even that good looking.

They still need a further $300,000 and I am willing to bet that with this publicity, negative as it is, Elias going to get it. All of it, no lil $60,000 for them here nah.

Speaking of publicity, I see Dhansook was forced to give up the IOU he got from a government employee (who seems to owe Dhansook $50,000 from way back in 1992). 16 years, you know.

Something wrong badly when ah man could owe that amount of money for that long, and then hide behind Pa-trick's skirts and duncey protection. Funny thing is, it allegedly took a beating to get him to admit that he owe the money; I hate to think what it will take to make him actually pay it. I'm willing to buy front row seats to the show though.

On the other hand, I bet that the next publicity of that IOU is that it gone missing, or destroyed or something. Looks like Dhansook will really have to whup his arse a bit more later on. I woulda bet on Dhansook, because the underdog always has my support, but reality forces me to confess I think Ojah-Maharaj won't have to pay a cent. In fact, I suspect when Dhansook lost his temper, he lost a lot of finances in that moment - he jest ent seem to know it yet.

And if I have to comment on life, I see that the murder toll is up to about 470. Kinda makes you laugh when you remember how the dunceys and the PNM was fighting tooth, nail and jockey shorts meetings to drop the actual figure from the 390's to 388.

Sometimes I have to thank the Divine for civilisation. oui. If it wasn't for that fact that society protects so many dotish people from theyself, I imagine alladem would die out generations ago from sheer stupidity. Nature has a way of weeding out those who ought not to survive - man counteracts that.

More and more, it getting harder to have a lil faith things going to get better. I don't think the people care any more whether it will, or even if it can. Hence Pa-trick's awesome dictatorship. I said it before, and say it again, he can, so he does.