8 Nov 2008

Radio Play

Here is a transcript of the comments two radio presenters made on air, and following which they were suspended, after the infamous visit of Pa-trick Manning (Prime Minister) to the radio station.

Newscaster: The Prime Minister added that the engines of vehicles today are so computerised that they will automatically adjust to the engine timing so that you would not be able to feel the difference. He added that when the price of premium gasoline went up it was for those who could afford it. He said the price of gasoline in Trinidad is the lowest in the world.

Presenter comments: So wait nah, the price of gasoline went up for only those who could only afford it, right?

Newscaster comments: That is the boss.

Presenter comments: But what going on in this place boy.

(Both laugh: Ha, ha, ha.)

Newscaster continues with the newscast: The Prime Minister assured that incentives would be given to motorists to make the change to CNG.

Newscaster comments: Yes, so he paying for you to go and change your whole kit.

Presenter comments: You know who much it cost to, to?

Newscaster comments: Yes about $5,000.

Presenter comments: About $5,000, is about $10,000.

Newscaster comments: Yes between $5 and $10, one mechanic said.

Presenter comments: Jesus Christ. Why would you raise gas for the minority which is the people who can't afford it. That is the minority eh.

Newscaster comments: It doesn't make much sense to, but we need to sustain the increase spending of the Government at this time. So think about it.

Presenter comments: Think about what? There is nothing to think about and Diesel may soon go up.

Newscaster comments: Yep and he is also going to be encouraging people, persons are now going to be encouraged to change their, to convert their cars from Diesel to CNG.

Presenter: Which if a man hit you from behind it could be very dangerous because the tank is in the trunk.

Newscaster: That's our Prime Minister.

Personally, the Grumpy Old Man in me feels that while a newscast should be more professional and less personal, and that this is in poor taste, I can't see the 'insult' to Pa-trick. I've actually had more insulting opinions aired here on this blog.

And here is an example of the reactions of most of the population to his behaviour.

Dear Mr Manning, I have news for you: We very much respect our institutions. But based on your behaviour in office (the mansion, private jet, luxury cars, pathetic choice of ministers, firing of Dr Rowley, to name a few) we have lost respect for you.

As you requested, I have listened to the tape of the radio broadcast and I can find nothing offensive in what was said. You really must be in self-denial or out of touch with reality if you think that's the worst that's being said about you. Trust me, what you heard is child's play.

If you are capable, do a simple Internet search on your name. Sorry, except for propaganda put out by your government, most of it is uncomplimentary. So what are you going to do? Charge into cyberspace with your security detail? The ordinary citizen does not get to cordon off streets for his/her convenience, so how can you say you went to the station as an ordinary citizen?

Oh, the reason people thought that you went to the station directly was the fact that you arrived three hours later - the time it normally takes the ordinary citizen to get from San Fernando to Port of Spain.

For someone hoping to achieve developed country status by 2020, you have unknowingly set yourself back at least 50 years by your childish behaviour. You have shown yourself to be what you truly are - a third class, Third World dictator.

The irony is that, even as you charge us with disrespect, you have belittled us once more in the eyes of the world. For that, we will disrespect you even more.

Adrian Charles

Diego Martin