20 Nov 2008

Two tier laws

I've commented time and time again on how there are two levels of law in Trinidad. One for the 'common' man and the other for those who consider themselves big fish in that little pond. Take Machel and court dates being organised around his touring schedule for example.

The latest is that the son of a high court judge is 'bargaining' to have charges (possession of marijuana) dropped. Funnily enough, the observer in me also realises that this only happens to people of a particular race. Well two races, one being the so-called 'elite' white skinned (think Brad Boyce) and the other being... well, I don't think I need to spell it out.

Now, I am not one to begrudge a man for seeking the interests of his son, the Divine knows no parent would want their child loping through life being a convicted druggie. But sadly that seems to be the norm in Trinidad, where people in positions of authority have a penchant to twist and manipulate the systems for selfish purposes. I can't imagine Ventour doing that for Samlal from Barrackpore.

You'd also think that the judge would have raised his son to a higher standard, given the fact that this is a man who puts people in prison for similar offences. The judge himself is guilty of lowering the bar (as it were) when it comes to keeping standards.

I wait on the outcome of this. I bet this man goes free.