16 Nov 2008

A visit to Mom

I'm looking for flights to Trinidad from London airports, for December 2008. Would you believe that there is a huge, unexplainable difference in prices?

For example, a direct flight to Piarco (Port of Spain on the  airport lists) from London is about £662, all taxes included. Yet, the cost from Birmingham (£41 away from London by coach) is a whopping £1084.

Something's not kosher about the way airlines manipulate the prices, and it has nothing to do with the price of fuel. I wonder what sort of regulations are in place for transparency in these costs? Nothing is ever explained in the web-sites. And nothing is ever explained if you call up in person.

Some may be wondering why I am looking for tickets to Trinidad when I speak so disparagingly at times about the place. Well, never forget I have relatives there. But I grouse more about bad governance and poor sense than the country itself. After all, to quote Rudder, I am a 'Trini to de bone'.

Fact is, I have not been back to Trinidad for 4 years, and I haven't seen my relatives for the same length of time. And Punks misses them too. So, I think a holiday is in order.

I can't understand my friend 'Wire' from London though. He came here 12 years ago, got married and never, ever once went back. His son only hears of Trinidad and has never actually been there.

I'm not sure yet how feasible it is to go back for a holiday; given that Punks and I have only a 2 week break from school/work. But it sure would be nice.