9 Dec 2008

As the future unfolds...

I'm stressed out. I have several things going on inside my head I wish weren't there. Unfortunately, they are, and I have to deal with them. The stress is great (read that as immense, not as in good) - I am finding out just how tough stress can be on the body. I find myself with accelerated heart beats, sleeplessness even more than usual, adrenalin rushing through my system at odd times... a whole gamut  of hitherto unknown conditions.

I've figured out what causes stress though. It isn't circumstance, or anything like that. Stress can always be pointed back to people. There is always someone who has created the circumstance that creates the stress. It's like Mel Gibson said in the movie Payback (as Porter), "If you go high enough, you will always find out it's one man who is responsible." Or words to that effect.

Time then to introduce two new characters to this blog. One, let's call her Harpy, is a living nightmare, always screeching into my ear. Or is that Banshee?

This character also happens to be a person I rarely see eye to eye with, and our differences can be totally out of sync with each other. No love lost between us as you might rightfully guess.

She also happens to be Punks' mother, and the source of the stress is that she wants to migrate to Canada and take Punks with her. In March 2009 which is pretty soon. Obviously I am resisting that idea, but garnering the stress that goes along with the situation.

The other person, let's call her Pagli, (my abbreviation for Mad Girl - in Hindi it's Pagal Ladki), is nice but flighty. Has a screw or two loose as you might guess from her name, not too much common sense but quite a lot of book sense as we say.

Her causation of stress is trying to instil sense (the common type) into the head.

Pagli has been my friend, and perhaps closest confidante for years, nearly a decade. Lately she has been making some rather cheeky and annoying decisions that have driven me to frustration beyond belief. However, since I am the type of person who has always been allowing her to make her own choices, I respect her decisions even when they come back to haunt her. I can only stand by her and support her, right? Wrong, I want to wring her neck!

Except now, she is about to make one even I won't be able to rescue her from, and I fear will be most damaging. So what do good men do when bad things happen? Do I stand aside and watch the future unfold into misery for her?

Yes, I am being deliberately obtuse, as this is not only my situation. For those of you who want to leap into the fire and predict that I am saying that Pagli is about to marry the wrong man, and that I am resenting it, well, you'd be wrong. (^_^)

More will be forthcoming in days ahead...