10 Dec 2008

Crapaud smoke dey pipe!

Persons who sell, display for sale or supply sweets, snacks, toys or other non-tobacco items in the form of tobacco products or which imitate tobacco products (such as a cigarette sweetie) would no longer be liable to a million-dollar fine and five years in jail. Instead, they would have on summary conviction a fine of $100,000 and six months' imprisonment and on indictment a fine of $500,000 and one year's imprisonment.

WTF? For a selling ah sweetie? Look at mass here now.

When I was but a wee lad, my father smoked. I think he was up to about 40 cigarettes a day. Now, I liked my lil cigarette sweetie too, but I have never smoked a cigarette to this day. So if the intention is that children imitating smoking by using cigarette sweetie, would then lead to the real smoking later on, then that is more Bull than Tattoo does shovel.

On the other hand, I'm hoping some bright young attorney see the potential for a class action suit against the government on behalf of the sweetie manufacturers for discrimination against their products, because if the government ent have solid evidence that cigarette sweetie does lead to smoking then dey ent have a leg to stand upon for dat piece ah crap they want to pass as law.

Quite a lot of this Tobacco Bill is over the top, like Brigo using a whole tin a Det to kill dat one mosquito.