13 Dec 2008

Dressing up idiots

Murdered idiot

I saw this picture on the Newsday website this morning. I don't know the chappie lying dead on the ground, so I feel no sense of grief or sorrow.

What I noticed though, is that his pants doesn't even make it up the curve of his arse. I mean, look at how low down it is. His underwear is almost totally on display, and dead as he is, I can't help thinking (even though he does not know it), what an undignified, embarrassing way to be on display. Look carefully and you will see the front of the pants (and belt) is lower than his genitals.

This trend of dressing is promulgated as a style, mainly by black youths who are emulating rap 'stars'. I see it spreading to Asian youths in England as well, and even the ones wearing 'skinny' jeans try to emulate this horrible 'style'. I work in a high school where the trend seem to be growing rather than diminishing. The lone white male kid is a Goth (another WTF style) who wears skinny jeans round his upper thighs. And in Trinidad we would describe his build as 'maga'.

I managed a large department not too long ago, and when employees came in dressed this way, I told tem I'd take them round to the prison and introduce them to the inmates. It's a style I absolutely detest.

Police officers love it though. It seems that the youths who dressed this way cannot run very far, or very fast, when their pants tend to fall and trip them up. That's likely what happened to the idiot in the picture above.