14 Dec 2008

Even bloggers aren't immune

It will never end. This penchant for utilising bad grammar in writing. I know, English is a difficult language, with more exceptions to the rules than the rules themselves. The best way to learn though, is to read, read, read... the more reading you do, the more the words fall into place like Lego blocks.

I have forgotten more English rules than I remember, but at a glance I can usually tell where a sentence is screwed up by the writer. And not for the first time I am seeing poor writing, even from bloggers, who tend to be lazier than a novelist for example. Not to detract from those writing in dialect, eh.

I recently came across a rather whiny blogger who writes in a combination of dialect and text speech... a abominable situation that reeks of an ill bred education, no doubt.

I dunno... I guess that the grumpy Old Man in me has too many high and exacting standards.

I guess we can't all be as good a writer as Suszanna Clarke.