12 Dec 2008

HA! Proof that God is a Trini fuh true

Big, big news this morning.

Papa-tricks has cancer. Every daily newspaper has big, big headlines about it.


Guardian  Trinidad Express

Me, being the cynic and Grumpy Old Man that I am, want to ask this question. Did anyone confirm this? I need a second medical opinion.

This could be a ploy to garner sympathy at a time when his government is at the lowest ever in terms of popularity. It detracts as well from the shit that hits the fan when we talk of crime, corruption, healthcare, education, Calder Hart, Keith Rowley, , Andre Monteil, Louis Lee Sing, radio stations, that $110M that grew to $130M, the basketball league, the billion dollar stadium, the blimp, the duncey service, the Customs Division, the Licensing Office, the Rapid Rail Project, the police (duncey) hit squad, the duncey sanctioned murders, the Summit and the need for 200 luxury cars from Germany... need I go on?

Now, even if this is a true thing, this cancer that eating away at his kidney, it also proves my long stated point about a failing manhood and big erections. The only way the man could get a standing erection, is if he build it himself.

And I can't help but think the bigger the risk of the surgery, the better it is for the country. Should he die on the operating table, then the country may have a glimmer of hope in moving forward, not only to Vision 2020, but even towards the pursuit of happiness as well. As Spock said many a time, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one, no matter how big that one considers himself. No sympathy from me.

God really must be a Trini fuh true! He answering a whole country's prayers in ah one.