23 Dec 2008

Holiday update 1

Here’s an update on my trip. Traffic is horrendous. And I mean totally horrendous. Even in a ‘country’ area like Débé the traffic crawls at walking pace through the entire length of the road passing through from Sando to Penal. Yesterday evening, I watched the traffic at snail’s pace and remember when I zoomed through the area not so many years ago. In fact, several years ago, I used to visit one of my cousins regularly, and about 10 PM or so when I left his house, I was the only person driving home…

Mosquitoes are eating me alive. My arms look like 2 coconut graters. No lie. Bug repellent seems to be feeding them, not killing them. They not as big as mosquitoes in England, but damn, dey tiny and deadly.

On the plus side, I had coconuts, doubles, and yesterday I had Chinese takeout. Note to self: Chowmein in Trinidad means cooked cabbage, not noodles, as in England. Say you want noodles next time. Damn, dem doubles was good. People, Penal doubles still $2 for one, eh.

As for the cough, the antibiotics weren’t working a damn. Had a good puncheon and lime with pepper, and lo and behold, the damn cold just came out like ropes. Cough is mostly all gone. I ent saying that puncheon and lime is a valid medical treatment eh, I just saying it seems to have worked for me… too much coincidence that a couple hours after those drinks I was just bringing up all this phlegm.

No photos worth taking yet, well, not any chupidness like people peeing on posts like Wuzdescene does find. I did see a gal with some nifty tattoos but she refused to let me photograph them… seems they not only on her arms, you know. Heck, that’s what makes them so interesting…

Once again, I am reminded that single life is far, far different to married life. As a bachelor, I have time to lime and just enjoy myself. My friends on the other hand, are too busy with their families to even visit. I still haven’t renewed my Driver’s licence yet… a 20 minute job but I forgot to take along my passport to the office. For the doubting Thomas(es), it really is a 20 minute job since my neighbour works at the office where I go to renew; once again proving the old adage ‘is who you know’ is right.

Readers will find this strange, but 2 things are outstanding to me about people here… one is how dark everyone I meet happen to be. No joke. And the second is how many young people are so fat. Young men and women, from late teens to early twenties, are so very out of shape. In my day, we use to play football, cricket, basketball, ‘scooch’, etc and we were lean and trim youths. Now, I am seeing both males and females who have more than just spare tires. Even some of the media personalities seem to have no personal ambitions about how they look - case in point, this Big Rich (I think that is his name) fella from TV, a young Indian fella who no doubt will suffer from hypertension, heart disease and erectile dysfunction in a few years. I can see now why female bloggers are constantly dissing the males here.

Watching local TV makes me cringe, literally. They totally kill the English Language. Sigh. I miss Brenda De Silva and others who were at the top of the game.

Well, we will see how it goes. One of my friends had major surgery and is still feeling under the weather, so I am hoping to visit today.

I already repaired a couple computers for family and friends who had been conned by scam artists posing as technicians. Seriously, these guys don't know their arse from their elbow... yesterday I came across one who wrapped computer parts in foil... hmm, can someone say capacitors and electricity? And a local chap posing as a techie in my lil village doesn't seem to know a PC ought to have an antivirus. I think today I might go to his shop and challenge his stupidity.