23 Dec 2008

Holiday Update 2

It funny too bad being here in TnT. I forget plenty things bout life here in Trinidad, oui. Like the young fellas with the ‘hard pong’ (too old fashioned a term?) in dey cars, pulling up in front of my house (the local liming block) and waking up de dead. Two good pelt with some old bottle coming up.

I forget too, that every neighbour have a new ‘stereo’ for Christmas, and dey buying bigger and badder, and dat everyone like theirs to be heard, and everyone have they own favourite chune.

Cock crowing 4 o’clock in the morning and waking me up… not a big ting since I am a real early bird. But tonight I leaving ah pot ah water boiling… I done sharpen de knife a few minutes ago.

Today I made some curried duck… drool, Capitan. If I gain weight allyuh, I not greedy eh. I just following the government’s instructions and doing some belt tightening… from the inside obviously.

Every parlour, rumshop and cafĂ© selling phone top-ups. Is like B-mobile and Digicel taking dey price war to grassroots level. Is only de doubles man and coconut man ent selling it yet, but now that I give dem the idea…

Nice sun today, plenty cool breezes and no mosquitoes yet… I plan for them though. I have COCKSET. Last night I was thinking though that the active ingredient in that thing is a respiratory inhibitor. If it could kill a lil mosquito, then is only cause we have a body mass several million times larger than we able to escape alive… but think about this… every night you light one, you must be killing some lung cells. What if it is accumulative? Just a lil reassuring thought there for allyuh. For further reassurance, Bugmat is de same ting eh.

To see what dey does do, just try spraying some Shelltox on a plant… you go see what I mean.

Bathing in a shower that about 24° is real nice… in England de water outa my taps less than 5°. And even though I sweating buckets, I could still walk around in a short pants and T-shirt.

My family has cable TV, which is a rip off. Trinidadians, not for the first, and no doubt not for the last, never fail to surprise me wid de level of tata dey does put up with nah. This TV coming through a cable and the quality so bad is like watching it through the Time Tunnel. What ent have noise, static and dey own grainy special effects have special sound effects.

As a visitor of less than a week, the impression I am getting is that there is money to burn in this country. Everywhere I have gone I have seen people paying cash in oodles of blue notes for items. I think people does feel shame if dey pull out ah 20 or ah 10 oui. Dey ent mind pulling out a blue note to pay for a bottle ah water and pocketing the change. I feel a $500 or $1000 note will be a big hit here… Papa-tricks could even tax for possession and dey go pay to flash it.

I go be back as further thoughts come up.