28 Dec 2008

How to be dotish

Once more, a duncey, and a senior one at that, has run amok and is afoul of the very laws he has sworn to uphold.

Said duncey has shot an unarmed man, in a dispute over land. The man died. The duncey also shot the victim's brother and mother.

Now, the first question is why this duncey has a hidden firearm on his person in the garden? The only good part of this story is that the duncey get a solid cutarse after from people who witnessed the shooting.

I am rather annoyed that the idiot's name is unpublished. I mean, when Warner-Paul shot the pastor over that woman, his name was published... oh well, hopefully I will learn it soon.

By the way, another interesting article reveals that fake millionaire Pastor Lutchmansingh (what is it about these Christians and lies, half-truths, innuendoes, and all kinda cheating?) got shot in de arse while hunting. Whatever happened to Thou shalt not kill? Was he hunting with Cheney?

Lutchmansingh, who came into prominence when he claimed he had inherited a billion-dollar estate from American mogul Buford Keaton, is currently on $5 million bail on allegations that he was involved in a $50 million fraud.

He has several cases pending against him, including allegations that he defrauded Nutrimix chief executive officer Shaheed Mohammed by falsely representing to him that he was a beneficiary of billions of pounds sterling from Keaton's will.

It says a lot about a country when the Prime Minister aspires to be one of these crooks.