2 Dec 2008

Killer dunceys - hit squad on the loose

I have written before about the police (duncey) execution that took place in Wallerfield. Now that saga rears its ugly head once more as the Special Branch report makes the likelihood of a 'hit' even more possible, citing that the dunceys who committed the deed were 'hand-picked' by a more senior duncey (does this mean he is more dotish?).

THE police officers who killed five unarmed people in Wallerfield one year ago were hand-picked by a senior policeman who was later found to have ties with murdered drug queen Lily Layne.

Forde, Liverpool, Charles and Goddard were all shot dead with assault rifles at Jacob Hill, around 5.30 p.m. after police stopped Forde's blue Nissan Almera, PBS 1628.

The officers involved in the shooting were dressed in black clothes, wore masks and were armed with heavy weapons, including Galil assault rifles.

The forensic report confirmed that none of the men had gunpowder residue on their hands.

The officers involved had claimed that they were chasing the car carrying the four men when they were fired at.

However, autopsy results and photographs of the car seem to support eyewitness accounts that they were not being chased and that two of them, Charles and Goddard, had been killed by guns aimed directly at them from in front of the vehicle. They were shot in the front of the head and chest. There were no bullet holes in the back of the car, only through the front windscreen.

Eyewitnesses told the police that the Almera was heading west on the fast lane and had stopped close to the median of the road, opposite Agua Santa Junction, Jacob Hill, when the shooting started. Investigators found no evidence of brake impressions on the road to suggest that the car had come to a quick and forced stop.

An eyewitness who spoke to the Express following the killings said a police vehicle was parked lower down from the junction and stopped the car as it approached.

No guns were ever found in the Almera or on any of the men.

Sad to say, nothing has been done (or is likely to be done) since we have a CoP, a minister of national insecurity and a DPP who all have balls the size of ant eggs. And like Tattoo, they all have their heads up Papa-tricks arse. He really does have a big cacahole indeed to fit all of them there, ent?

I can well imagine the frustrations of the population who live in Trinidad. I am not even there, and I feel the stress of seeing complete dotishness passing for intelligence there.

I foresee nothing will come of this except perhaps the officers will get promoted. After all, 5 lives out of 502 (so far!) is merely collateral damage.

Don't worry though; things on track. The Ghost Gang that is drafting the new constitution (to make Papa-tricks into an executive president) is meeting to finalise the paper.

Manning said "this was at the heart of the discussions we have been having and there are some philosophical issues involved and the implications of a high level of autonomy in Trinidad. One of the things we have to guard against is the fragmentation of Trinidad, on the basis of a constitutional arrangements that effectively create a number of autonomous states within Trinidad and Tobago".

I am looking at the italics in the quote above, and I am wondering just what Pap-tricks is trying to say? Philosophical issues? High level of autonomy? Fragmentation? Autonomous states? Aren't all those things created, promoted and sanctioned by his own actions?? Maybe not the philosophical issues, because the Divine knows that the Christian behaviour he displays shows that he is incapable of any deeper thought.

Anyway, these thoughts do bear following up, and you can be sure I'll be there to watch.