15 Dec 2008

...nothing but the truth

This is a very welcome and wonderful innovation because it speaks to the transparency of the process. Anyone who might have missed a particular broadcast would access the data or text on the website."

So says Victor Hart, the chairman of the Trinidad and Tobago Transparency. This was said at launch for the website for the Uff Commission of Inquiry.

Sadly, a bit premature, like a horse bolting out of the starting box before the starter's pistol. The website has no information posted at this time, not even basic background information as to who the commissioners or legal counsels are. Just a message saying "Coming soon."

Part of me thinks it is typical Trinidadian laziness to be so unprepared in putting up an half-arsed website, but the rest of me is wondering if there is a background attempt to 'sanitise' information before it is being posted online. I have to admit, I am not entirely certain that this enquiry will be 100% fair and transparent, even without the interference of the government. Sadly, I have to say that this might end up being another pappyshow attempt at appearing to be transparent.

By having an enquiry, by posting information online, we might actually believe that we are being showed that there is nothing to hide. We may have enough exposed to make us feel that there is some corruption, but not enough to make it a scandal, or warrant an overhaul of government or policies.

Like an X-ray reveals some skeletal faults but the meat is hidden, so too this enquiry might be serving an agenda.

For those who think I am jumping the gun, ask yourself this: How many of you can be sure that the information presented, online or to Uff, is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Not me.