12 Dec 2008

Old dog, old tricks

The talk of unity has the old, old man spewing his vitriol and exposing the fact that he has passed his expiry date as a credible representative of the people. His dying support despite his vacillation over the years is evidence that some still suffer from the blind sheep syndrome.

Basdeo Panday is a recriminating relic of an irrelevant past. He cannot go quietly into his sunset years. He must, as if possessed by some overpowering delusional force, drag the nation into the deepening chaos.

The pathetic few who support him now do so for different reasons.

The lap dog followers fear the death of their own political life.

The heap of trouble that confronts the nation lies on Panday's doorstep and that of those who follow irrationally. The nation cries out in deep pain at the incompetent hands of a PNM government that is completely out of touch with reality and yet Panday continues to clear the pathway for them.

Panday now is entrenched in his world of vitriol and to fend off the coming onslaught, he does the old political dance of smearing and condemning with pathetic vituperation, all those who are trying to create a viable alternative.

Robert R Mittoo

via email