15 Dec 2008

Once a duncey...

Hear this little story.

A fella once went to tief in a store. He get ketch with a lil laptop, and he getting questioned. He was asked if he stole de laptop.

He replies, "Among other things."

What would you think of a person like that? Won't you think that he might be too stupid to be alive, that nature should have weeded him out a long time ago? When cavemen ruled, his demise would have been for the good of the clan.

Now that story is not so far-fetched as you may think. In fact, except for a lil twist in the circumstances, it practically true, and since the fella I talk about is a duncey, you can understand why I have labelled that particular sector of Trinbagonian society with this ever-so-truthful nom de plume.

Sturge asked Flaviney whether any allegations of concocting documents were made against him during that trial.

"Other things as well,'' Flaviney answered.

Flanivey is the duncey in question, although I think crediting him with the duncey label might be doing him a favour, since he surpassed my expectations from that group.

He was asked specifically if he was reputed to have concocted documents during a trial... and the prat replies, "Other things as well."

Damn, allyuh know we reach. If not, we damn near close.