9 Dec 2008

Rising numbers of crash dummies

I get immensely pissed off at the political leaders of Monkey Island. Here we have another case of crash dummies. The article quotes:

This year's current road fatality figure is 222, some 24 road deaths more than for the same period last year.

Preventing road deaths is fairly simple, but not for these morons. Imbert-cile spends his time writing letters to the editor, perhaps he should spend 50% of that time implementing strategies to curb speeding and reduce the mess that is Trinidad infrastructure.

Funny enough, these strategies already exist in more developed countries and following the Vision 2020 plan, he may want to copy them. It's unlikely that the entire ministry is smart enough to come up with original plans anyway.

Most of the horrible accidents I read take place on the North-South highway. This is the major roadway where people like to speed, and then die.

It is simple enough; put more dunceys on patrol. Take them out of the rumshops and air-conditioned cars! Force the speeders to slow down.