16 Dec 2008


I could not think of a better title to this blog, which I write as I await my taxi to the coach terminal.

A clerk in St Ann's Hospital pissed off a patient enough that he ran out, bought a cutlass, ran back in and started planassing from a side.

Here's the scenario that played off in my head. A clerk giving lip to a patient at St Ann's? Now tell me, who more mad? The patient who sane enough to recognise a runaround and attitude, or the worker who insane enough to piss off a madman? I does really have to wonder at Trinidadians you know. The madman might get off because in the end he might be able to cop an insanity plea, never mind being obviously sane enough to have some coherent thought at the time.

But what's the clerk's excuse? Is obvious both ah dem kinda tetched in the head.

I see a Trini woman get shot in the USA. (We still describing her as a Trini though she leave TnT soil 20 years ago, and must be a US citizen by now). My commentary is not about the crime itself, but rather a comment by one reader:

First of all this did not happen in Trinidad , so why oh why is it making we front page, and for all them Trinis who think USA there is no crime or murder , it just shows that everywhere there is murders and how you coul dbe [sic] next and that your not safe anywhere. But can we please focus on Trini issues on the front page next time please.

Somehow I think this person missed the boat when it comes to talking about crime in other places. Someone needs to point out the significance of the rate at which murders happen, the rising numbers of serious crimes, the low solve rate of the dunceys (revised to 4%), the proportion of crime happening in relation to the total population...

This person could be a duncey in disguise...