16 Dec 2008

That little trip of mine

Well, the big day is here. Tonight I leave on my trip, a glorious holiday in the sun for all of 3 blissful weeks. I hope to have no interruptions to my blog - but considering that I may have to rely on a dodgy TSTT Internet connection, one can never tell.

I think that my blog may have a few slight changes over the next few weeks. Perhaps I may stop commenting on the news in the newspapers so much, and post instead the real, true-to-life bullshit that takes place in Trinidad interspersed with snippets of (hopefully) happy experiences. After all, I am expecting to meet old, and new, friends in a festive, celebratory time.

Maybe the romantic me might even meet a sexy damsel. Who knows? (^_^) Volunteers who wish to supply drinks, pastelles etc, feel free to get in touch. Heh, heh, heh.

Perhaps too I may be able to highlight from first hand experiences, some positive changes that happened while I was away from the land of my birth.

Familiarity does not always breed contempt. Sometimes it breeds nostalgia, and loyalty.

No offence to Captain Walker, who often questions my 'misguided' loyalty to the island of my birth. Perhaps it is because I know there is potential waiting to be tapped, and a few corrupt and selfish individuals are ruining life for all, including my relatives, I feel a sense of frustration.

But blood is blood as they say, and all the while I have relatives and friends trapped in an island prison, I will continue to point out the jackass behaviour whenever and wherever I find it. Hoping against dead hope that perhaps in my lifetime - or in Punk's, we may get a government that works for the people and not as a petty dictatorship, similar to those found in corrupt African states.

My next post will be on Thursday, since I am travelling for the 26 hours starting tonight just after midnight.