10 Dec 2008

Weddings and makeovers


Seems that Penelope Beckles is about to get married. I am not sure that congratulations is in order. When she was minister of Social Development years ago, I wrote to her several times, and have yet to receive a response.

I'm thinking therefore, husband dearest might find it hard to get time with his wife. If not, I'll have to contact Anand Ramlogan, since this would be a clearcut case of discrimination, me being a lil Indian fella and her hubby being of similar race as herself (as is likely).

Of course, my thoughts, upon seeing the picture, my first thought was that why, oh why, Penny couldn't use her government credit card to have a makeover too? I mean, not to be overly rude, but she could look a little more feminine before the eyes of hubby dearest and the Lord.

Perhaps Papa-tricks recalled all dem credit cards? Or Penny ent have one? We will see when the wedding pics are posted. Still, seeing Penny getting on in age, maybe they will issue one for fertility treatments sometime in the future.