7 Dec 2008

What a way to wake up

The Trinidad Guardian today has interesting poll results. No mention of who conducted the poll, nor when, nor where... in other words, there is no indication as to the validity of the poll. That being said, I am not sure how I can take seriously a poll that quotes, several times over: 'Education follows suite'.

In a piece entitled 'Police more powerful than Gov't ministers', the Express uses letters (feedback) based upon the false arrest of one of its reporters, Richard Charan, to highlight the ills of the police service. Apparently he was framed by a duncey who actually arrested him on a charge that does not exist in the law books of T&T. I could have told him being framed, and having duncey police is normal for the country. I suppose he has never read my blog.

I had a bad night last night. I have several pressing issues on my mind, none of which gives me any semblance of peace. So, I could not sleep for most of the night, finally falling asleep at about 4 AM. The I woke up about 6 AM and this kind of crap is the first thing that greets my eyes.

Today isn't a good day by any means; what a way to wake up...