30 Jan 2009

Another way of being screwed

It is with trepidation, consternation and a heavy heart that I view the recent activities going on in Trinidad: excessive government spending, nepotism and unaccountability. I am a doctor trained in DNA techniques and pathological evaluations and have been avidly seeking employment from the Government for the past year.

There is a definite need for my services here locally, yet I seem to be struggling from month to month, looking for handouts from family members to meet my mortgage commitments and personal living expenses, which, I assure you, are well below middle-income earners. I have been a victim of crime three times over the past three years, most recently, with the car I've been working so hard to pay for being stolen.

I write this letter in the hope that citizens realise that, far from what we tell our young ones, education is not everything. Over the years I have received two scholarships and been successful in all my exams, yet I'm no better than the common man on the street. However, millions are wasted on defunct buildings while the citizens can definitely benefit from my training, if only someone would hire me and give me the remuneration I am due. I need to live just as everyone else. I am now literally fed-up, disgusted and frustrated and also at my wit's end about what to do. Yet there are people who collect billions of dollars from the treasury and my hard-earned education is underutilised.

Derek Emmanuel
Via e-mail