29 Jan 2009

Cronyism and graft galore

I am thinking to myself that by now Papa-tricks must be in deep regret. Deep regret that he started an enquiry over the construction sector.

Some of the things being revealed are proving to be so massively embarrassing, so massively corrupt that it boggles the mind. We heard that UDeCOTT is not obligated to take instructions from anyone, not even the government or line minister.

Now we are hearing that Sunway (formerly CH) and Calder Hart, share the same fax number.

UDECOTT chairman Calder Hart yesterday admitted to the Uff Commission of Inquiry, that his personal fax number appears to be the same as that of a Malaysian contracting firm, which was awarded a whopping $368 million by the Udecott Board.

I don’t think I need to remind readers that it was reported that Hart’s wife is directly related to directors of the Malaysian Sunway company.

Hart's son, Ross Hart, who was sitting in the public gallery, at this stage shouted: "Who is involved in Landate!", as Diego Martin West MP Dr Keith Rowley sat a few seats to his (Ross) left.

After reading the above, I wondered whether Uff tosses out the little jackass from the hearing. No mention of that, so  guess not.

A lot more will be revealed before this is over.