27 Jan 2009

Dotish dunceys

Three police officers, acting as bouncers, were nabbed after their colleagues raided a Curepe nightclub during the early hours of Sunday morning. Acting Police Commissioner James Philbert was present during the operation, which was carried out by head of the North-Eastern Divisional Task Force, Sgt Roger Alexander.

According to investigators, the three officers, assigned to the Traffic Branch and another, part of a judge's escort detail, were to report to Philbert yesterday. A sweep of the club resulted in the seizure of 11 knives, one cross-bow, two ice-picks, 110 pieces of marijuana wrapped into cigarettes and $3,000 in counterfeit money.

No disciplinary action will be taken.

Three dunceys on duty, and still patrons got in with 11 knives, a crossbow, 2 ice picks, 110 spliffs. A crossbow? Where the France that was hidden?

Just proves my point, once again, about the investigative, observational powers, and intelligence of this class of Trinidadians being non-existent.