26 Jan 2009

Echoing my sentiments

Who said that Barack Obama is coming to Trinidad? Trinidad has just over one million people and is riddled with problems, especially crime. Of what benefit would it be to him? Also he does not travel in any other vehicle than the "Beast". I think your government is fooling the people.

Trinidad is a very backward country. What country would cut down the trees in an airport on the pretence that it is a security measure? It is crazy. My last trip to Trinidad was terrible. There are no road sign to the turn-off to the Airport. I notice that many buildings are unfinished. The service is terrible.

I think that the people in Trinidad and Tobago are consumed with politics but are out of touch with reality.


via e-mail

On January 20, I turned on the TV during the inauguration of US President Barack Obama and was stunned to see-believe it or not-trees. Yes folks, hundreds of trees stretching from the White House to the State Capitol to the Washington Monument.

How could the US secret service presidential detail be so careless, dumb and naive? Didn't they get the memo from the experts in the T&T Government that all trees that lie in the proximity of dignitaries should be chopped down? I think that our experts should head to Washington straightaway and read the riot act to those amateurs. I guess that the US security forces will learn a thing or two when they come down here for the April summit.

Incidentally if trees pose a security risk for fear of snipers, can't a perpetrator hide out in the new terminal building at Piarco and take aim at the old one (where the dignitaries will arrive?) If so and in keeping with destroying surrounding trees, we must demolish the new terminal building forthwith. Furthermore we must chop down all trees on the route from Piarco to Port of Spain. Say goodbye to the stately poui trees in Valsayn and the mangroves along the Beetham Highway.

Whenever we think that this Government has reached its pinnacle in terms of stupidity and arrogance, they exceed themselves time and time again.

Hayden Khan