25 Jan 2009

Failed ministers should go quietly

It is not a good day for our integrity when the truth is so easily brushed aside by our appointed leaders, but it is a morbid shame when they can smile at the public and categorically deny what is really happening in this country.

Over the years of his tenure, the Minister of National Security has failed this country. His attempts to control crime have all failed and failed miserably.

Last year was a bumper year for murders and this year murders continue at full pace. Yet the minister has the audacity to tell the public, no, to assure the public, that the atrocity that was last year would not happen again!

Mr Minister, were you not the same person who said murders will not cross 400 under your watch? Well, I want to let you know it should never have to reach this position in the first place.

By your own admission you have failed and continue to fail as a minister. I do not know why the Prime Minister cannot see your dismal performance but now even you have to admit that you are a failure!

This doesn't stop you, however, from taking stock of the reality and allow you to say you want to stop the crime rate from getting further out of hand. Sir! It is out of hand!

I don't know how to tell you again but you are the worst Minister of National Security that has ever passed through this land. You make Howard Chin Lee look good!

Which brings me to my next concern. How in God's name could the Minister of Health tell the nation that there have been only eight cases of confirmed dengue or dengue deaths in the country?

Were the hundreds of people who died and the hundreds who were infected lying to the doctors and the public?

How could the Health Minister and health officials brazenly look us in the faces and say we do not have a dengue situation. And to top it off, just smile and say everything is fine?

Is the minister aware of the truth or chooses what he wants to believe. These are the things that incense me!

If you have failed then so be it, but know that you have tried and go do something else now. Or is it that the perks of the job are too much to let you see what is clear to the rest of the world!

The Minister of Health and the Minster of National Security should leave and find other things to do! You men should know that you are not fooling anyone. Instead the population, by virtue of your inaction and insensitivity, is suffering.

Be men and leave!

Ryan Martinez

Unfortunately, these ministers have perfect skins of crapaud leather, so we may expect them to be hiding from the public and collecting fat salaries and perks for many years to come.

And mentioning the minister of health, ah remember something I hear in Trinidad. Ah hear is not only Conrad Enill have a young, nubile advisor. I hear the one for the minister of health is only 25 years old. Ah wonder if he wife knows…

Ah also hear that Philbert doh even have the 3 ‘O’ levels required to be a cop, but he have a school leaving certificate. The kind dey use to give you when yuh too old for primary school and still showing a marked inability to learn. That is what they use to give yuh to show you do 8 years ah primary school, then they shove yuh out the door and tell yuh to feck off.

That might explain the inability to investigate the 40+ murders for this year so far, (and we only 25 days into the year). The statistics so far:

Express = 40 murders

Guardian = 44 murders

Newsday = 41 murders

One ah dem must be right.