21 Jan 2009

Health and well-being

I haven't been myself for some time now. Since early December, I had a cough that never passed despite 3 courses of different antibiotics. Sorted that out with some puncheon rum, lime and pepper sauce.

Then, I got dengue fever, and spent a few days, about a week, in hospital. The upside, or downside to that is that I have lost a great deal of weight.

I had a follow up visit to the GP a few minutes ago... I was quite stunned at how much weight a person can lose in days. Since January 7th, I have not been eating much, just a few mouthfuls when I can keep it down.

In the 13 days or so since then, I discovered this morning that I lost 29 lbs weight. When my doctor told me to lose weight, I didn't think he had dengue in mind as a weight loss technique though.

Still, it's a start, and once I feel a little stronger, I can use this weight loss as the basis of spring boarding into a regular exercise program that will hopefully leave me slimmer, trimmer and feeling more healthy than I've felt in ages.