21 Jan 2009

O Mere Humrahi

Here is the lyrics to a song 'O Mere Humrahi' from Harbance Kumar's movie 'The Right And The Wrong'.

This movie, from 1972 starred Trinidad and Tobago's own Ralph Maraj (actor and MP) in the main role. The songs were done by the late Indian playback singer Mukesh Chandmathur (his son Nitin Mukesh is a regular visitor to Trinidad).

The song 'O Mere Humrahi'  was and remains one of Mukesh's biggest monster hits worldwide. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be an existing video for this song, but I remember seeing the clips of Ralph Maraj on TTT when I was a young lad.... maybe some reader might have an idea how I can get this movie.

Incidentally, I am publishing the lyrics because this is one of my favourite relaxing tunes of all times.

shaam dhali aur nikale hai taare

it's dusk and the stars have come

aaja re chand aaja nadiya kinare

come oh moon in the banks of the river

tujh bin akele jee na sakenge

I cannot live without you alone

ro ro marenge nain hamare

my eyes shall die weeping

o mere humrahi kyoon tera man gabhraye

my dear sweetheart, why does your heart fear

ab yeh saath na chhutega chhahe jag bairi ho jaye

now this partnership shall never end even if this world gets lost

jeevan ke andhiyaron mein main deepak aur tu jyoti

in the darkness of this life I'm the light and you're the brightness

yug yug se hain sang hamara, ho seep mein jaise moti

we have been together since so many decades, like the the pearls together in a chain

o mere humrahi..........

o my sweetheart

jab tak sansaar rahega mera tujh se pyaar rahega

till life exists my love for you will remain

har janam mein mujhko tera yoon hi intezaar rahega

in every birth I shall wait for you just like this

o mere humrahi........
ulfat ka saath na chhute, yoon hi saaz bajate rehna

I may not lose this love, keep playing the tunes

awaaz mein meri hardum awaaz milate rahena

in my voice keep your voice too

o mere humrahi