24 Jan 2009

One law for some, another for the rest

Interesting reading this article in the Express this morning:

THE son of a High Court Judge had a marijuana charge against him dropped yesterday, after the court received a letter from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Senior Magistrate Lucina Cardenas-Ragoonanan discharged the matter against Jason Ventour, after his attorney, Theodore Guerra SC, showed her a letter from the DPP's office, informing her of the decision taken to discontinue the matter.

Ventour was jointly charged with Oday Small on October 12, during a road block exercise on the Priority Bus Route in Barataria. Both men were granted station bail in the sum of $40,000 to cover the charge.

When the men first appeared in court on October 13, they both pleaded not guilty to having four grammes of the illegal drug in their possession. However, on November 18, Small changed his plea while Ventour retained his not guilty plea. Small, who was represented by attorney Colin Selvon, was found guilty and fined $3,000, or face nine months in jail with hard labour.

Defence attorneys used this to apply to the DPP to have the matter against Ventour dismissed, and in a letter dated January 19, the request was granted.

Once again, I have to point out that I predicted this would happen and that the law is different for the ‘big’ boys.