6 Jan 2009

Random musings

Today is my second to last day in TnT. Tomorrow I leave for the UK where I will be starting work, and facing temperatures way colder than Trinidad. The BBC website says that there is icy conditions... a woman has already been killed after her car was hit by a train.

I am going to Port of Spain today, and hopefully can take some photos from the lookout. Blink came yesterday and installed the broadband here by my mom, so maybe tonight I can do a longer blog post. Complete with a few photos.

I met Ms R's cousin yesterday... I think Ms R is intending to set me up. Hmmm, the gal is pretty too bad, nice personality... but I met her only a little while before I leave. Heh, heh, heh.

I still have not met one friend I was eager to meet, due to a combination of lack of time, bad scheduling, a comedy of misunderstanding, and lack of transport. Coming back around Christmas time, I could not find a car to rent on short notice. Still, my friend Pagli (being unemployed) has loaned me her car to move around with on several occasions, and for that I am very grateful. In fact, she surprised me with expressing an interest in blogging, but prefers to be a guest blogger on this blog rather than start her own. So, maybe in future you will see posts uploaded by Pagli.

My friend Raj knows I am here for the past 3 weeks. He still has not dropped by (he has a car and passes my way everyday) so I am peeved with him. Still, I have not seen him for several years so a couple more won't be that big a deal, right?

I've completed all my (pitiful) shopping. My main concern is to take back some things for Punks to make up for the fact that she was not able to come on holidays with me. Before you knock me, understand that it was her mother refusing to let her come that prevented her from being here with me, not that I refused to bring her. My family here wanted her to come so badly, they were willing to pay all expenses for her.

I have just been reminded that in this house the coffee is 'two ton' coffee. That means they put 2 tons of sugar in the damn thing. Considering that my mother is diabetic, I've been stewing mad and nagging since I came for them to cut back on the suger intake... everyone, not only mom. She is a long story by herself... I found out her blood sugar has been X times the normal amount for weeks, so I've been ranting a lot with her. I think she will be glad to see the back of me tomorrow.

Well, that's about it until later. I'll fill you in on what my day is like.

By the way, I see the murder rate in Trinidad is off to a fine start. And once more a teenage girl had been kidnapped and killed. Trinidad now seem to have sicker men living here than Abdul Malik and Boysie Singh.