26 Jan 2009

Random thoughts - The Secret Millionaire

I’ve never been a fan of reality TV, something that is shoved down the throats of TV viewers in England in great abundance. Most reality TV is based on sensationalism, driven to catch viewers and churn out profits. Ergo, they aren’t all interesting, especially to me.

I confess though, I’ve seen a few episodes of The Secret Millionaire, a reality TV show where a self-made millionaire goes undercover in some slum or downtrodden area to seek out charities or people who may be deserving of some cheques they wish to dispense. The show explains the camera crew following the millionaire by creating a scenario where s/he is being trained in voluntary work of some sort and the crew is part of the observation process.

I made a few observations of my own along the way.

One is that no matter how bad things are with yourself, there is always someone, somewhere who has things worse in his/her life than you do.

Secondly, I made the observation that all the millionaires, without one exception, are people who worked for themselves. And worked quite hard, a lot harder than salaried workers.

Having made that observation I realise too that as long as one is contented to be a wage slave, one will never rise above a certain income, no matter how many promotions and salary increases/bonuses one obtains over a working career.

To be truly independent, to be rich or at least solvent enough to be truly independent, one must need look at one’s own self, one’s own potential, and made the necessary changes to seek out that independence. In other words, do like these millionaires and work for yourself.

The work will be harder, tougher and more demanding, but no doubt the rewards will be greater.