24 Jan 2009

Regaining health – in time

Since I lost a lot of weight due to being ill, I thought it might be a good idea to start exercising now and try to get myself back into the slim trim me I was several years ago (before I tore a pectoral muscle and stopped weight training).

Yesterday and today, I did a lot of warm up exercises, and this morning, while watching House MD, I did some light training, and I do mean light. Once again though, I am reminded at how weak I am. The light workout has left me almost completely exhausted, and literally feeling nauseous.

I am not sure if it is because of the lack of solid food – I’ve been able to eat less than 1/6th of the amount I’d normally eat and that over the past 2 or 3 days only, but I am using the Fortijuice prescribed by the doctor, which is given to patients at the hospital as a high energy food supplement.

On Wednesday I managed to walk a 1/4 mile or so outside, but when I returned home, I had a hot drink and slept for 5 hours. Yesterday I made the same journey, and did not feel tired (much) when I came home. I am improving slowly but surely.

I think on one hand my journey to recovery was hampered by a big fight I had with Pagli a couple of weeks ago. As mentioned before, Pagli and I have been very close friends and confidantes (well, she has been my rock a lot) for a heck of a long time. That fight was hurting me, as our 10 year friendship was at stake.

We did however talk, and patched up a lot of our differences, and last night and today, I am in a good place, mentally speaking of course. I hope Pagli and I will always be friends, we are too much like bread and butter.

In the meantime, I am continuing to thrive health-wise, though I am wondering why it is talking so long to regain the good health I had before the battle with dengue. Then again, I am reminded I lost a considerable amount of weight in an itty bitty short space of time…