27 Jan 2009

Signs of mental instability

I had a weird thought this morning.

I wonder about how society tries to ‘fit’ us into a sort of average mould. No one likes extremists in society, at least not any who stands out like a short plank in Parliament.

Mostly, you have to fit in, even if you fit in like a duncey policeman in Villa Capri assaulting the Columbians.

I find it rather odd that unexplainable mental behaviour, out of the ordinary, is frowned upon.

And yet, we have thousands, nay millions of mentally deranged people who believe in God roaming free. Isn’t that mental instability of the highest order?

What about these priests, pundits, rabbis, imams etc? Why are they not locked up and being treated for mental disease? What even more funny is that a man who say God talk to him WILL be fricking locked up.

I doh know nah, I jest doh know.