22 Jan 2009

Then and now

I've been thinking about whether or not to write a blog post today. Truth to tell, I am tired of writing about crap in Trinidad and Tobago. I am not up to writing about the bad things that happen around the world daily.

I could write about personal things, many of which happening now to me would make for interesting reading, but I did not start this blog to write about personal stuff, and truthfully, events in my life happening now are too personal, too raw, too emotional.

I daresay writing about things like that will open up a floodgate for feedback, and then I would end up screening comments if I find they are too personal or too uncomfortable.

I have however one bit of news I would like to share.

This morning I went to the ENT clinic at the hospital where I was booked for surgery on my nose – I have a blocked nose for some time.

Now, I had this same surgery done in 1994 at San Fernando General Hospital. It was not totally successful, hence the reason to redo it now.

But to show the difference and how much technology progressed – in SFGH I was warded for 2 weeks and had splints, stitches and cotton plugs in my nose after the surgery. Now the same surgery is carded to be done after 12 noon and I will be in hospital only for 24 hours.

I had to wait 3 years for the surgery in Trinidad. Here, it will be done on 17th February, a waiting period of less than 1 month.

The previous surgery involved breaking the bones of my nose to fix it; this time round a laser will be used to trim away the blockage.

It’s not a good thing to look forward to surgery, is it? I am actually looking forward to afterward when hopefully I can breathe clearly and freely.

This morning I updated Live Writer, Live Messenger, Live Mail and Live Photo Gallery on my PC. The new versions are impressive over the old – and features a lot more of exciting new stuff.

Several programs I use have released new versions, programs such as VLC player, Irfanview etc. Head over to Filehippo.com for some excellent freeware.

In the meantime, I am going back to my book The Common Law and hopefully later – Terrahawks!