21 Jan 2009

Trinidadian dotishness

It have plenty, plenty ting about Trinidadians dat does piss me off big time. I mean, really and truly, the typical Trini might be a smartman but dat ent to say he more intelligent than anyone else. In fact, most ah the time dem smartmen does really be plenty more dotish than the rest ah people... ah mean man, just look at the entire PNM posse and you go know what ah mean. I still find it amazing that Papa-tricks manage to find collectively the most dotish (dotishest?) people in Trinidad, form ah organisation wid dem and even manage to win a election with dem.

Just making meh point how de rest ah de population must be more dotish. Kinda proven by the fact dey vote for the morons.

So ah taking it easy from this dengue, in case ah get one ah dem ting de docs does call ah relapse, and ah browsing de Express.

And someting ent quite mesh.

Ah looking at the headline, and it mention somebody in America write a poem about "Someone is trying to make music somewhere with a pair of wooden spoons on an oil drum" and somebody think is a bright idea to put in the front page that de person referring to steelpan.

Now, I eh go lie, this get meh mad blood boiling. Why?

Because it once again shows how Trini mentality will never allow them to make progress. So what if a poem read several thousand miles away, for a new President who belong to a different country, mention steelpan? What the France that have to do with allyuh?

Just down the papers have a story about 3 young people get dey throat 'slit from ear to ear', and a lil baby left crawling among the dead. And it have a story about the corruption Uff finding.

I think these things more applicable, more important that ah fecking poem written and read thousands ah miles away.

If you ent want to highlight the shit and piss going on in yuh own country, then fecking get out... or get out ah de business. Because that shit that going on affecting more people more directly, than a man who going to be President in a country most ah allyuh cyah even get a visa to visit.

Or yuh coulda even mention the Executive President allyuh going to get in a few months time. That going to have a bigger impact on yuh daily lives.

So much tings wrong with the country, and so little willing to do so little less to help. Man, I doh know why I does hope tings improve for meh family dey nah, but I telling you, as time marches on, it harder and harder to think positive about the shit and crap that flowing dong dey.