17 Jan 2009

The Uff enquiry - so much uff in the wind

I mentioned previously, some weeks ago (on Dec15, 2008 to be exact) that the Uff enquiry (for the want of a more shortened name), is a big pappyshow. I had my reasons, mainly due to the fact that the effect is that documents will be sanitised before being presented to the commissioners.

So said, so done, only they ent using the word 'sanitise'. They saying redacted. Same thing, UDeCOTT playing the arse and hiding stuff already. The sad part is, UDeCOTT will get away with it. And all the protests by Victor Hart and Transparency International is just that amount of farts in the wind. By the way, how much confidence can you have in a website that is filled with errors?

I missed the link, but the Express reported more illegalities in the enquiry, namely that the main lawyer for UDeCOTT wasn't even licensed to practice law in Trinidad until 4 to 5 days after the enquiry started. So now that a quick approval is given, what penalty will be given for the days when he was not entitled to practice? I doubt any - lawyers are crooked to the end as we all know, regardless that the law was broken and remains broken for those 4 to 5 days.

I find it speculative at best, (and downright dotish at worst) that Calder Hart is claiming defamation. Actually, the more he bawls, the more I know he has something to hide. Frankly, I can't see defamation where everyone is repeating what everyone else is saying... is he going to sue the entire country? Maybe just the ones brave enough to publish what the typical man on the street is saying?

I read yesterday that he is a naturalised citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, having lived there for over 20 years. Sorry to put a spoke in the wheel of whichever reporter wrote that piece of ta-ta (or lawyer that brought it to the enquiry), but unless you see a naturalisation certificate, he ent a citizen. Just having lived in a country of choice for X number of years does not automatically make you a citizen; which is one reason why there are people living in England for over 25 years and are not citizens yet. If the lawyers claim citizenship, bring on the certificate that proves it. Until then, he is just another foreigner spending TnT dollars.

There is more to come, obviously.