3 Jan 2009

A very good day

Yesterday I had one of the better days of my holidays; one of the best in fact. It started off hot and sweaty as usual but my friend Pagli asked me to go with her to a job interview. Pagli is the holder of a first class honours degree in IT and currently finishing an MBA in marketing so she is highly qualified. Pagli also typically achieves over 90% in all her papers. Any prospective employers reading this? I am quite willing to forward her CV to interested parties.

After the interview, we drove up to Port of Spain to a job employment agency. I have to say, with no school on and less traffic, the drive took just under an hour (I am a slow careful driver) and it was more than pleasant catching up on old times and having a few laughs at the misadventures of our youth.

Then after the agency I was able to meet my friends Dava and Anand whom I have both known over 20 years; Anand in fact grew up in the house next to mine. It was great catching up with them… both are intelligent hardworking men…. and single for some strange reason. Strange because these two are the type women should be having gladiator matches for… and I do not say that lightly.

Anand commented on my accent-less state and we got to talking about Trini dialect. He pointed out that Trini is the only language (and people) in the entire world that would use and understand what it means to feel ‘a how’. We had a good laugh over that.

Time marches relentlessly on and both my friends show signs… white hair is generously marking time with them. Oddly enough, despite my being older than many of my friends, I have none that shows. Good genes I guess.

Last night my sister drove me to my friend Linda who had already retired to bed at 9 PM when I arrived (no calls, it was meant to be a surprise). While there Pagli called so they were able to connect – I think Pagli is pissed I went without her, because I got an earful. After my visit with Linda, I went to Ms R at 10 PM and woke her up too. That visit finished about midnight. Truthfully, I think despite the late hours, I had a good time and my friends were genuinely glad to see me, since no alcohol was involved 

On the way back from Ms R we stopped off at Cross Crossing to buy burgers, and met a cousin who went abroad several years ago and whom I have never seen because we were never in Trinidad together before now. Again, I have to comment on the generosity of grey sprinkles, despite him being considerably younger than I am.

We spent about 30 minutes just chatting and watching idiotic drivers vie for the first place in stupidity. There were many winners; the two most noted being the driver of an SUV who collided with a car pulling out into the road. They were both at fault since the driver pulled out without checking traffic to the rear, and the SUV driver was really accelerating as if he was drag racing Frankie Boodram. The bang was quite loud and I suspect both idiots will be spending considerable sums today.

All in all, a very good day.