19 Feb 2009

A boring day.

I have had a most boring day. I woke late, at 8 AM. Anyone who knows my routine of waking between 4 AM and 5 AM will know how unusual that is for me. First I did my dishes, then did my laundry and cooked lunch, showered early and went for a walk.

Back home indoors by 3 PM and since then I have had some text messages from friends. I hate texting, as the keys on a phone are so bleddy small. It is still a fairly cheap way for immediate contact with friends in foreign countries, for sending birthday greetings etc. Usually I prefer letters or free emails. (^_~)

I caught up on the episodes of House MD I missed and Knight Rider too. A puzzle to me: why did they remove the knight emblem from the car and put a hooded cobra??

Tonight I will retire early. I have errands tomorrow, and I want to get an early start. Most important – the post office. I need to replenish my stamp supply.

It is getting warmer and I want to begin my planting… I have several plants that need re-potting and the sooner the better. I have some new photos I took last night in the Chinatown area but I will upload those tomorrow. Right now I am in need of a hot drink.