16 Feb 2009


Lately, I seem to have lost the zeal for blogging. Not that I have lost my interest… far from it. But a couple of traumatic personal events, and subsequent changes in my outlook on life has persuaded to look at the positives and not the negatives. Perhaps one day I may be able to share some of what happened with you readers.

I started this blog to vent on the crap I see happening in Trinidad and Tobago, but after 2 years of regressively worse behaviour and attitudes there, I found myself being dragged down, into a pit of despair I found it hard to climb out of. Captain Walker had frequently warned me of this, and I took little heed, thinking I could handle it. It turned out I couldn’t.

I have frequently been accused, or complimented, by my friends and enemies alike, of caring too much. So my concern turned to worry, and then to stress and then to despair, and then… well, the cycle needed to be broken. I have taken several steps to help me pull myself out of the rut and mire I had sunk into.

I suppose at this point, without mentioning names, I should thank all those who know me personally and who lent an ear, a shoulder and time to help me. Thank you all.

From now on, I will limit my comments to things I think I can handle. Or to just reading the occasional crap that comes along, but I am not perusing the papers or web as avidly as I used to. In fact, many a day I have deliberately not read any news, either of Trinidad, the UK or the world. Instead I have read books, listened to music, or written letters to friends… I had over 80 pen pals and I am beginning to get in touch with them again slowly.

I will do my best to post positive things, and more photos, more music I like, and things of that ilk. Maybe more stories of Punks, or relate anecdotes from my career, or personal life… whatever it takes to keep the ball rolling.

In the meantime, keep reading.