12 Feb 2009

Dekha Ek Khwab

Dekha Ek Khwaab To Yeh Silsile Hue
I saw a dream and then these chain of events happened
Door Tak Nigahon Mein Hain Gul Khile Hue
in the eyes roses are blooming even up to a distance
Yeh Gila Hai Aapki Nigahon Se
this is my complaint to your eyes
Phool Bhi Ho Darmiyaan To Faasle Hue
even if there are just flowers between us then it creates a distance
Dekha Ek Khwaab...

Meri Saanson Mein Basi Khushboo Teri
in my breath lives your fragrance
Yeh Tere Pyaar Ki Hai Jadugari
this is the magic of your love
Teri Aawaz Hai Havaaon Mein
the sound of your voice is in the winds
Pyar Ka Rang Hai Phizaaon
the colors of love is in the atmosphere
Dhadkanon Mein Tere Geet Hain Mile Hue
in the heatbeats are mixed your songs
Kya Kahun Ke Sharm Se Hain Lub Sile Hue
what can I say, my lips are sealed with shyness
Dekha Ek Khwaab...

Mera Dil Hai Teri Panaahon
my heart is in your shelter
Aa Chhupa Loon Tujhe Maein Baahon Mein
come let me hide you in my arms
Teri Tasveer Hai Nigaahon Mein
your picture is in my eyes
Door Tak Roshni Hai Raahon Mein
for a long distance there is light in the path
Kal Agar Na Roshni Ke Kaafile Hue
if tomorrow we can not find caravans of light
Pyar Ke Hazaar Deep Hain Jale Hue
then thousands of lights of love are burning
Dekha Ek Khwaab...