8 Feb 2009

Enjoyable day out

Ibis Hotel

This is the Ibis Hotel at the entrance to the ‘Chinatown’ area near the market. The red paper lanterns were put up to mark the beginning of the Chinese New Year. The building in the background is the Edgbaston Street Car Park, which holds about 1100 cars.


Entrance to ‘Chinatown’. The tree in the foreground is a pink/white cherry blossom that should be in bloom by the end of March.

Punks in Chinatown

Of course, Punks must put herself in the next photo. We were on our way to the Big Wok Restaurant, which serves a buffet (over 40 dishes), all you can eat for £7. It’s one of her favourite places for dining out because of the large variety.

Panda Sundae

After lunch, she had a panda sundae from Selfridge’s, a large store deep in the bowels of the mall.


Another type of sundae. These cost £6.95 each.

Yesterday I spent an enjoyable day out with Punks, having lunch, then desert, then a cool walk through the Bullring Mall and collecting my new glasses and ordering new ones for Punks as well, and then ending with us watching the film Bride Wars.