11 Feb 2009

Feeling the burn

How hard are you willing to work for what you want?

I asked myself that this morning after a particularly gruelling workout where I pushed myself beyond previous boundaries.

My goals have changed somewhat slightly in the past 2 months. After being out of shape, carrying around perhaps an extra 40 lbs of tummy blubber for over 10 years, going from a gym rat to couch potato in that time, I have finally started burning the calories again.

After being ill, falling prey to what seemed like every cold that came along, I am using my weight loss from the dengue to springboard myself back to fit and trim fighting form. I am down to 160 lbs, and after today’s workout, I asked myself that question.

The answer of course is: whatever it will take to get me there. My goal is to lose 85% body fat in 1 year. I am stepping up my program, and hopefully, the burn I feel in my muscles today will fade into a familiar and welcome friend.